Since 1983, Christenson Corporation has provided real estate
development and construction management services for industrial,
commercial, institutional, retail, hotel and multi-family residential
markets. Our expertise ranges from high-rise office buildings, hotels,
department stores, shopping centers and residential developments
to manufacturing plants, offices, warehouses and transportation
facilities. Our clients include residential, commercial and industrial
developers, businesses expanding or moving their offices, and
operations and real estate investors and lenders.

Christenson Corporation provides planning and management
services for all phases of real estate development including,
feasibility studies, land acquisition, site planning, government
approvals, development and construction budgets, financing, design,
construction and leasing. We assemble an economical, efficient and
professional development team and then direct this team to a
successful project completion.

Christenson Corporation provides comprehensive direction of the
project from design through occupancy. Management of the
professional team includes budget preparation and monitoring,
design review, value engineering, bid package preparation and
solicitation and selection of contractors. During the construction
phase of the project, we provide computerized scheduling and cost
control systems, contractor coordination, change order processing,
payment request review, tenant coordination and project close-out

Christenson Corporation acts in the owner’s behalf to provide
complete project planning and representation in lieu of in-house
expertise. Our clients include business firms requiring new office
space, manufacturers requiring additional plant capacity and owners
desiring to develop their land holdings. Acting for them, we provide
total planning and budget guidance from project inception to

Christenson Corporation provides construction estimating and
scheduling services from the conceptual design stage to pre-bid.
We also provide construction review services to lending institutions.
These services include reviews of drawings and specifications,
projected costs, schedules of value, monthly applications for payment
and on-site inspections.