1108 - Galion Community Hospital -- Phase II

Project Documents

Contractor Forms
Affidavit of Original or Sub-Contractor AIA Form G702 & G703
Conditional Waiver of Mechanics Lien Impact Statement Form Fill-In
Contractors Final Affidavit & Release of Lien Impact Statement Form
Unconditional Waiver of Mechanics Lien Tax Exempt Certificate  


Contract Documents
Phase II Revised Cover
A1.1 First Floor Plan - Revised (10-11-11) A1.1 First Floor Plan - Revision 2 (2-1-12)
A1.2 Reflected Ceiling Plan A1.3 Toilet Accessory Schedule
A2.1 Room Finish Schedule A4.1 Architectural
A5.1 Revision 1 - Millwork Backing A5.1 Revision 2 (10-10-11)
A5.1 Revision 3 (2-8-12) A5.2 Millwork Notes
P1.1 Plumbing Fixture Schedule D1.1 First Floor Demolition Plan
LS1.1 Life Safety Plan P2.1 First Floor Stacked Diagram
P2.2 First Floor Risers H1.1 HVAC
H1.2 Water Coil Piping E1.1 Electrical Notes
E1.2 Fixture Schedule


Addendum No. 1
Addendum No. 2
Addendum No. 3