1110 - CCMH - SW Parking Lot

Invitation to Bid
Notice and Invitation to Bid (Manual Excerpt) Addendum 1 - Notice Of Bid Due Date Change
Addendum 2 10-31-11 Addendum 3 11-1-11
Addendum 4 11-2-11 Addendum 5 11-7-11
Addendum 6 11-8-11 Addendum 7 11-16-11

Civil and Site Work
Cover Sheet N1 Notes and Pavement Sections
DM1 Demolition Plan G1 Overall Grading & Erosion Control Plan
L102 Landscape Plan S1 Overall Site and Paving Plan
ST1 Storm Sewer Plan and Profile W1 Retaining Wall Plan and Profile
D1 Trench Drain and Pipe Easement Details D2 Curb Sock Application
Snow-Melt System Plan

Electrical Site Plan E422 - First Floor Power and Systems
E700 - Panels, Schedules, Powerhouse Package

Manual & Geotech
Project Manual Geotechnical Report

Drip Irrigation System Specs. Seeding Specifications
Special Provisions Trees, Plants, Groundcover Specs.
Construction Specs Sec. 23 5716 Snowmelt - Steam-to-Water Heat Exchanger

Project Schedule

Miller Mechanical Snow-Melt