1208  Brooks Crossing

N.E. Elevation-Conceptual
Restaurant Shell Space
Flats Restaurant Clean Floor Plan
01 Existing Features-Demolition Plan 02 Site & Pavement Marking Plan 03 Overall Site & Rainbow Parking Plan 04 Utility Plan 05 Grading & Erosion Control Plan
06 Landscape Plan 07 Detail Sheet 08 Detail Sheet
SSDS As-Built Drawings
G.100 Title Sheet A.10 Architectural Site Plan A.20 Code Plans A.30 Abbreviations- Mounting Heights A.31 Mounting Heights
A.40 Material ID List A.50 Construction Assemblies A.51 Construction Assemblies A.52 Construction Assemblies A.100 Lower Level Plan
A.101 First Flor Plan A.102 Second Floor Plan A.103 Typ 3rd-8th Floor Plan A.109 Typ Floor 9th-11th A.113 Roof Plan
A.250 Unit Plans & Notes A.251 Unit Plans A.300 Reflected Ceiling Plans A.400 Interior Finish Plans A.401 Typical Unit Finish
A.500 East Exterior Elevation A.501 North Exterior Elevation A.502 West Exterior Elevation A.503 South Exterior Elevation A.600 Building Sections
A.601 Building Sections A.610 Wall Sections A.611 Wall Sections A.612 Wall Sections A.630 Exterior Details
A.631 Exterior Details A.632 Exterior Details A.633 Roof Details A.700 Stair and Elevator Plans A.702 Stair Sections
A.703 Stair Elevators & Trash Chute Sections A.710 Stair and Elevator Details A.822 Interior Details A.950 Door and Window Types A.951 Interior Door Details
Flats Architecture Drawings and Pictures Brooks Plan Wall Types 11-30-12
S.00 S.01 S.02 S.100 S.101
S.102 S.103 S.104 S.105 S.200
S.300 S.400
M.000 Mechanical Title Sheet M.100 Mechanical Basement Plan M.101 Mechanical First Floor Plan M.102 Mechanical Second Floor Plan M.103 Mechanical 3rd-11th Typical Plan
M.104 Mechanical Roof Plan M.250 HVAC Enlarged Unit Plans M.251 HVAC Enlarged Unit Plans M.660 NVAC Riser Diagrams M.700 Mechanical Details
M.800 Mechanical Schedules P.099 Plumbing Underfloor Plan P.100 Plumbing Basement Plan P.101 Plumbing First Floor Plan P.102 Plumbing Second Floor
P.103 Plumbing 3rd-11th Typical Plan P.104 Plumbing Roof Plan P.600 Plumbing Riser Diagrams P.601 Plumbing Riser Diagrams P.650 Natural Gas Riser Diagram
P.700 Plumbing Details P.701 Plumbing Details P.800 Plumbing Schedules P.900 Fire Protection Dtails, Diagrams, and Schedules
E.000 Electrical Title Sheet E.010l Electrical Site Plan E.100 Electrical Lower Level Plan E.101 Electrical First Floor Plan E.102 Electrical Second Floor Plan
E.103 Electrical 3rd-11th Floor Plan Typical E.112 Electrical Roof Plan E.200 Electrical Enlarged 1st Floor Plan E.250 Electrical Unit Plans E.251 Electrical Unit Plans
E.400 Electrical Riser Diagram E.500 Electrical Luminaire Schedule E.510 Electrical E.520 Electrical Panel Schedules E.600 Electrical Details
Fire Protection
Fire Protection As-Built-Brooks Crossing
Construction Set Specifications