1503 -- Brooks Landing Banquet Center Preliminary Budget

Drawings (12/8/2017)

Title Page
Brooks Landing Banquet Center Title Page
A.100 First Floor Plan and Vestibule Elevation A.110 First Floor Reflective Ceiling Plan A.400 Toilet Room Plans and Elevations

H.001 HVAC General Notes H.002 HVAC Specifications H.100 HVAC New Work H.200 HVAC Schedules HD.100 HVAC Demolition

P.001 Plumbing General Notes P.100 Floor Plan Plumbing P.200 Enlarges Kitchen & Bar Plumbing Plan P.300 Plumbing Details

Fire Protection
FP.001 Fire Protection General Notes, Legend, Specifications FP.100 Floor Plan Fire Protection

E.001 Electrical General Notes and Legend E.100 Floor Plan Lighting and Electrical E.200 Electrical Schedules E.201 Enlarged Kitchen Plan and Schedule E.300 Electrical Details
ED.100 Electrical Demolition

Food Service
FS.100 Food Service Floor Plan and Schedule FS.101 Food Service Equipment MEP Schedule FS.102 Food Service Electrical Floor Plan FS.103 Food Service Plumbing Floor Plan FS.104 Food Service HVAC FLoor Plan and Details

Equipment Catalogue Cuts

Mini-Split Cuts Rooftop Units Cuts Toilet Exhaust Fans Cuts

Plumbing Cuts

Lighting Cuts

Kitchen Equipment
Item No. 13 Double Deck Convection Oven Item No. 14 Salamander Item No. 14 Six Burner Range w Convection Oven Item No. 15 Fryer System Item No. 16 Stainless Steel Work Table
Item No. 17 Vegetable Prep Table w Sink Item No. 18 Three Compartment Sink Item No. 19 Grease Interceptor Item No. 2 Walk-in Cooler Freezer 20 Rack Shelf
Item No. 20 Soiled Dish Table Item No. 21 Dish Machine Item No. 23 Clean Dish Table Item No. 25 Buffett Table, Induction Hot Item No. 26 Buffet Table
Item No. 26 Frost Top Cold Item No. 27 Buffet Table, Flat Top Item No. 29 Coffee Machine Item No. 3 Cooler Refrigeration System Item No. 30 Under Counter Ice Machine
Item No. 4 Freezer Refrigeration Evaporator Coil No. 4 Freezer Refrigeration System Item No. 5 Hand Sink Item No. 50 Hand Sink Item No. 51 Ice Bin
Item No. 52 Glass Drain Board Item No. 53 Speed Rail Item No. 54 Three Compartment Sink Item No. 55 Refrigerated Keg Cooler Item No. 56 Refrigerated Back Bar
Item No. 57 Bag-n-Box System Item No. 58 Soda Guns Item No. 6 Soap and Paper Towe Item No. 7 Stainless Steel Work Table Item No. 8 Heat Lamp
Item No. 8 Over Shel Item No. 9 Pick Up Counter Storage