0602 - Excell Academy Expansion

Title Sheet Survey Landscape
Title Sheet T100 Survey Survey Landscape Plan L100
Roof Framing Plan ASI-004 Roof Framing Plan: S101 Supplemental Instructions: ASI-005


Specifications Structural Civil Architectural Electrical Mechanical
Project Manual Cover 00001 General Structural Notes S000 Existing Conditions C1–1 Site Plan A010 Electrical Legend E000 First Floor Mechanical Plan M101
Table Of Contents T O C Foundation Plan S100 Demolition Plan C1–2 Code Summary A020 Electrical Site and Demolition Plan E100 Mechanical Roof Plan M400
Owner-Provided Information

Div 1

Roof Framing Plan S101 Site Plan C2–1

Material ID Doors and Windows

A040 Power Signal and Lighting Plan E200 Mechanical Details and Schedule M700
Supplementary Conditions 00800 Sections and Details S200 Grading Plan C3–1 Construction Assemblies A050 Electrical Roof Plan E210    
Decorative Cement Concrete Pavement 02768 Section and Details S300 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan C3–2 First Floor Mezz.Plan A101 Electrical One-Line Diagram E300    
Irrigation Sprinkler Piping 02813     Utility Plan C4–1 Roof Plan and Details A200 Electrical Schedules and Details E400    
Landscaping 02900     Details C8–1 Exterior Elevations A400        
Sod Work 02932         Building and Wall Sections A500        
Cast-in-place Concrete 03300         Wall Sections A510        
Unit Masonry Assemblies 04810         Details A520        
Structural Steel 05120         Details A521        
Steel Joists 05210         Details A620        
Steel Deck 05310                    
Cold-formed Metal Framing 05400                    
Metal Fabrications 05500                    
Metal Stairs and Railings 05510                    
Miscellaneous Carpentry 06105                    
Bituminous Damp-Proofing 07160                    
Building Insulation 07210                    
Metal Building Roof Panels 07411                    
Metal Panels 07420                    
Adhered Single-ply Membrane roofing 07535                    
Sheet Metal Flashings and Trim 07620                    
Joint Sealants 07920                    
Hollow Metal Doors and Frames 08110                    
Aluminum-framed Entrances and Storefronts 08411                    
Unit Skylights 08620                    
Door Hardware 08710                    
Glazing 08800                    
Gypsum Board Systems 09260                    
Painting 09900                    
Basic Mechanical Materials and Methods 15010                    
Mechanical Insulation 15250                    
Fire Protection 15300                    
Potable Water Systems 15411                    
Soil and Waste Systems 15412                    
Storm Water Systems 15413                    
Natural Gas Systems 15488                    
Rooftop Heating and Cooling Units 15782                    
Ductwork 15891                    
Testing, Adjusting and Balancing 15990                    
Basic Electrical Requirements 16001                    
Fire Alarm 16740