0711  Residence

Bid Set Dated 6/12/2017

Addendum #1 Narrative A.1.00 Addendum #1 Lower Level A.1.01 Addendum #1 First Floor A.1.02 Addendum #1 Second Floor A.1.03 Addendum #1 Roof Floor
Addendum #2 Addendum #3 A.1.01 First Floor Addendum #3 A.5.00 Interior Elevations/Living Room Entry Addendum #3
Bid Form

Christenson Specs Tile Selection Schedule Solid Surface Selection Schedule/a>

Structural Drawings
S1.00 Footing/Foundation Plan S1.01 First Floor Framing Plan S1.02 Second Floor Framing Plan S1.03 Roof Framing Plan

Boundary & Topographical Survey A0.00 Site Plan DA0.0 Site Demo Plan A0 Cover Sheet A1.0 Lower Level Floor Plan
A1.1 First Floor Plan A1.2 Second Floor Plan A1.3 Roof Plan A2.1 West & East Exterior Elevations A2.2 South Elevations
A2.3 North Elevations A3.1 Building Sections A3.2 Building Section A3.3 Building Sections A4.1 Wall Section
A4.2 Wall Section A4.3 Wall Sections A4.4 Wall Sections A4.5 Wall Sections A5.0 Interior Elevationsn Living Room Entry
A5.2 Interior Elevations M. Bath and M. Closet A5.3 Storage & Laundry Interior Elevations A5.4 Interior Elevations Kitchen & Island & Mudroom A5.5 Interior Elevations Lounge & Master Bedroom A5.7 Interior Elevations Gloria's Office
A6.1 Misc. Details A6.2 Window Details A6.3 Steel Stair Details A6.4 Skylight Details A6.5 Stair & Handrail Details
A6.6 Door and Window Details

E1.0 Lower Level Electrical Plan E1.1 First Floor Level Electrical Plan E1.2 Second Floor Electrical Plan

See Specifications to be Design-Build

See Specifications to be Design-Build