0801 - Excell Tenant Improvements

Excell Addendum 1   4–18–2008 Excell Addendum 2   4–22–2008 Excell Addendum 3   4–25–2008 AIA G702 & G703 Application and Certificate for Payment

Project Manual
000000 Cover Page 000101 Project Directory 000105 A Certification Page 000105 ME Certification Page
000110 Table of Contents 001113 Advertisement for Bids 004113 Bid Form - Stipulated Sum 006211 Submittal Transmittal Form
006325 Sustitution Request Form 007213 General Conditions - Stipulated Sum 007300 Supplementary Conditions 007313 Tax Exempt Status

011100mg Summary of Work 083113mg Access Doors and Frames
012300mg Alternates 083323mg Overhead Coiling Doors
012500mg Substitution Procedures 083473mg Sound Control Door Assemblies
012600mg Contract Modification Procedures 087100 Door Hardware
012900mg Payment Procedures 088100mg Glass Glazing
013100mg Project Management and Coordination 092216mg Non-Structural Metal Framing
013300mg Submittal Procedures 092900mg Gypsum Board
014000mg Quality Requirements 093000mg Tiling
014216mg Definitions 095100mg Acoustical Ceilings
015000mg Temporary Facilities and Controls 096466mg Wood Athletic Flooring
016000mg Product Requirements 096513mg Resilient Base and Accessories
017300mg Execution 096519mg Resilient Floor Tiling
017700mg Closeout Procedures 096813mg Sheet Carpeting
017823mg Operation and Maintenance Data 099000mg Painting and Coating
017839mg Project Record Documents 101100mg Visual Display Surfaces
017900mg Demonstration and Training 102113mg Toilet Compartments
055213mg Pipe and Tube Railings 102813mg Toilet Accessories
061000mg Rough Carpentry 104413mg Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
064023mg Interior Architectural Wood Work 104416mg Fire Extinguishers
072100mg Thermal Insulation 116623mg Gymnasium Equipment
079200mg Jointy Sealants 124619mg Interior Clocks
081113mg Hollow Metal Doors and Frames 124816mg Entrance Floor Grilles
081416mg Flush Wood Floors  

15010-Basic mech materials and methods 15820 - Duct accessories
15120 - Piping specialties 15831 - Electric heat transfer units
15140 - Hangers and supports 15871 - Power ventilators
15250 - Mechanical insulation 15891 - Metal ducts
15300 - Fire Protection 15900 - HVAC instrumentation and controls
15411-Potable water systems 15932 - Diffusers, registers and grilles
15412-Soil and waste systems 15978 - Automatic control sequences
15440 - Plumbing fixtures 15990 - Testing adjusting balancing
15485 - Electric water heaters  
M000 Mechanical Cover Sheet M202 Mezzanine & High HVAC Plan
M099 Underground Plumbing Plan M600 Plumbing Diagrams
M101 First Floor Plumbing Plan M700 Mechanical Details
M201 First Floor HAC Plan M800 Mechanical Schedules

E0.00 Electrical Title Sheet E1.00Electrical Lighting and Demo Plan E2.00 Electrical Power Plan E3.00 Electrical Signal Plan
E4.00 Electrical Riser Diagram and Schedules 16051 - common work results for electrical 16060 - grounding and bonding 16073 - hangers and supports for electrical systems
16075 - electrical identification 16120 - conductors and cables 16130 - raceways and boxes 16140 - wiring devices
16410 - enclosed switches and circuit breakers 16420 - enclosed controllers 16442 - panel boards 16491 - fuses
16511 - interior lighting 16740 - owner provide systems rough-in 16853 - zoned dc loop fire alarm system  

A000 - Coversheet A100 - Code Plans A101 - Demolition Plan A200 - First Floor Plan [South]
A201 - First Floor Plan [North] A202 - Mezzanine Plan A203 - Flooring Plans A300 - Reflected Ceiling Plans
A400 - Building Sections A500 - Interior Elevations A501 - Interior Elevations A502 - Interior Elevations
A503 - Interior Elevations A504 - Interior Elevations A505 - Interior Elevations A506 - Enlarged Restroom Plans & Elevs
A507 - Enlarged Restroom Plans & Interior Elevations A600 - Door Types & Schedules A601 - Wall Types A602 - Wall Sections
A603 - Wall Sections A604 - Wall Sections A605 - Wall Sections A606 - Plan Details
A700 - Millwork A701 - Millwork